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Qu’est-ce que La Coupe du Monde (Édition Qatar 2022) ?

What is the World Cup (Qatar 2022 Edition)?

The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ is one of the biggest sporting tournaments in the world! It is a soccer/football competition that normally occurs every four years during the summer months.
However, this year’s edition in Qatar is set to occur in the fall (November 20 – December 18) due to the high temperatures during Qatari summers which made a summer tournament unfeasible.

How does this tournament actually work?

World Cup Draw

Thirty-two nations are divided into eight groups of four teams (Groups are lettered A-H). The drawing system is a bit complex but FIFA aims to balance each group by having the four teams be of varying geographic regions and team strength based on the FIFA rankings of the best teams in the world.

Group Stage

Once the eight groups have been decided, the first round of the World Cup kicks off in a round-robin fashion. Each of the four countries in its respective group must play a game against each of the others, for three games in total. The points awarded for each match are as follows: three points for a win, one point for a draw, and zero points for a loss.

The Knockout Rounds

After all group stage games are played, the two teams with the most points qualify for the next round, while the remaining two teams are knocked out of the tournament. Next, a “Sweet 16” bracket of the eight group winners vs. the eight runners up is formed. Each group winner will face off with a runner up, creating a system of one-game elimination playoffs all the way to the final!

Example of a World Cup 2022 “Sweet 16” Bracket
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Participating Nations (2022)

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