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Volunteer Program

Volunteering at the Alliance Française is a great way to support the Francophone community while getting to know other Francophiles like you!

About our volunteers

Our valuable volunteers, or bénévoles, support the mission of the Alliance Française in many ways, such as:

Over the last year, our volunteers provided over 1,000 hours of support to the Alliance!

Volunteer Point System

Not only do volunteers get to explore their passion for French culture, but through our point system, they also benefit from complimentary classes!

All volunteer shifts are counted by the hour, and each hour equals one point.

With over 100 volunteers currently supporting the Alliance Française, points toward free classes generally take a year or more to accumulate.

Complimentary Classes

  • 1 general language course ($395–$440 value) = 40 points
  • 1 specialized course ($200 value) = 45 points
  • Renewal for 1 year membership (~$100 value) = 20 points

To register for your class, please complete a registration form at our front desk. Please note that there must be at least five paying students registered for a class before volunteers can enroll using points.

Becoming a Volunteer

It’s easy! Fill out the New Volunteer Application, and obtain a volunteer sign-in sheet from the front reception. Completed sheets are filed in the Volunteer Sign-In Book.

  • Membership is a requirement for becoming a volunteer at the Alliance Française. This policy is in line with other non-profits in the city, including the Art Institute of Chicago, the Field Museum, and the Chicago History Museum.
    • To become a member, you can either register online or on-site at our front desk.
  • If you have any questions, please reach out to Kim Coleman at [email protected].

What it's like to Volunteer at AF–Chicago

Volunteering at the Alliance is a great opportunity to practice my French and learn more about the culture through food, films, lectures, and music. Over the years, I've advanced from beginner-level classes to proficient, and I've built wonderful friendships with the staff and my fellow volunteers. Santé!

- Jennifer

Events range from lectures, to cinema screenings, to wine tastings, so my experience working in the hospitality industry makes me uniquely qualified to volunteer for such events. I enjoy the diverse programming at the Alliance, so it doesn't take long at all to accrue points for a free class! I feel a sense of community and fellowship as a volunteer because everyone at the Alliance Française is so welcoming and accessible.

- Jeff

If anyone is into making lists like "Smartest Thing I Have Done This Year," joining the Alliance Française would be at the very top of mine! I have never felt more welcomed or appreciated in any group. Plus, there is a chance to not only earn credits towards free classes, but also to meet others (in this big, anonymous city) with whom I share so many passions—for French language, culture, arts, and food!