Laurie Pinto

Laurie grew up in the French Riviera, in the Southeast of France but soon moved to Paris for her studies where she graduated with a Master's degree in English as well as in French as a second language. From there, she started to travel around the world, meeting great new people while teaching French along the way. She has lived in the USA, the Caribbean, New Zealand and Australia and is now excited to start a new adventure in Chicago! Through her experiences, Laurie has learned the importance of being flexible and is able to tailor lessons to the students' needs and preferences. She thinks learning a language should be a fun experience and always tries her best to create a relaxed atmosphere in the classroom. Moreover, she is passionate about music, cinema, literature and the arts in general. Cooking, eating, enjoying nature and outdoor activities are also important parts of her daily life.

Classes: Winter 2020

B2 · Independent - SAI4-U9

Class code: 409as

Mon. February 3 – Mon. March 23