Erald Sanatine

Erald was born and raised in a south suburb of Paris. He has always had a passion for sharing and teaching his native language and culture. He received his B.A  in France and studied in English. After a business school degree, he moved on to the education and training of adults and young adults.  He has traveled extensively around the world and in 2010 he moved to Chicago with his family to enjoy this wonderful city. His professional experience, his communication skills and his passion for people has shaped him into an energetic and dynamic person.

Classes: Summer 2018

Summer 2018

A1 · Beginners - SAI1-U3

Class code: 12.3as

Mon. June 25 – Thu. July 19


A1 · Beginners - SAI1-U4

Class code: 12.4cs

Mon. July 23 – Thu. August 16


A2 · Advanced beginners - SAI2-U8

Class code: 208as

Tue. June 26 – Tue. August 14


Classes: Fall 2018

Fall 2018

Initiation - INT1-U1

Class code: 18FL101s

Sat. September 15 – Sat. November 3


Initiation - INT1-U1

Class code: 18FL101a

Mon. September 10 – Mon. October 29


A1 · Beginners - SAI1-U5

Class code: 18FL12.5as

Mon. September 10 – Thu. October 4


A1 · Beginners - SAI1-U6

Class code: 18FL12.6cs

Mon. October 8 – Thu. November 1


A2 · Advanced beginners - SAI2-U9

Class code: 18FL209as

Tue. September 11 – Tue. October 30