Elodie Kaplan

Elodie grew up in the Loire Valley of France and got a Master’s degree in teaching French as a foreign language. She has been teaching in France and abroad with students from all over the world. She is patient, energetic, and always enthusiastic to share her passion for the French language. She loves to read, travel and to be outdoors. She thinks that learning French can be fun, easy and accessible to everyone!

Classes: Fall Winter 2019

A1 · Beginners - SAI1-U4

Class code: 104cs

Thu. November 14 – Thu. January 23


A1 · Beginners - SAI1-U9

Class code: 109as

Wed. November 13 – Wed. January 29


B1 · Intermediate - SAI3-U3

Class code: 303as

Tue. November 12 – Tue. January 28


Classes: Winter 2020

A1 · Beginners - SAI1-U5

Class code: 105cs

Thu. February 6 – Thu. March 26


A2 · Advanced beginners - SAI2-U1

Class code: 201as

Wed. February 5 – Wed. March 25


B1 · Intermediate - SAI3-U4

Class code: 304as

Tue. February 4 – Tue. March 24