School overview

Session dates

Current 8-week Session (Summer): June 25–August 18

Current 4-week session (classes meet twice a week): June 25–July 19

Next 4-week session (classes meet twice a week): July 23–August 16

Next 8 week Session (Fall): September 10–November 3

Understanding the sessions

Sessions chart

Our philosophy

We offer a friendly and stimulating environment to help you gain confidence in speaking French. All classes are conducted in French with an emphasis on communication. You will learn grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, pronunciation and more, through active participation and conversation.

At the Alliance Française de Chicago, you not only learn French, you learn practical French.

Our commitment to quality

All our teachers are:

  • Native or bilingual
  • Certified to teach French as a Second Language
We use the Alliance Française French-American Educational Standards (AF Frames) in order to
  • Provide you with clear learning objectives
  • Give your teacher a better understanding of your needs
  • Help you to choose your level if you wish to get a diploma
Learn more about diplomas

For more information regarding transfers, refunds and credits, please call us at (312) 337‑1070 or email us at school@af‑