The Alliance Française Educational Outreach Program

The Educational Outreach Programs at the Alliance Française de Chicago are 100% funded by private donations. View the complete list of donors.

The Award Towards Excellence

In 1998, the Alliance Française entered into a partnership with the Chicago Public Schools, offering motivated high school students an after- school enrichment program at the Alliance.

The “Award Towards Excellence” Scholarship Program consists of a two-year, after-school, course. Classes meet once a week throughout the school year and are taught by native French speakers who are professionally trained to teach French to foreign students. At the end of the second year in the program, qualifying students can compete for a scholarship trip to France or an intensive immersion stay at the Concordia Language Villages.

This program enables students to refine their French language speaking skills and exposes them to broad cultural experiences. This program empowers the students by opening their minds to global thinking, building their tolerance of diversity, and strengthening their educational endeavors.

It has received considerable acclaim from the administration of the Chicago Public Schools, participating teachers, students and their parents. Former U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, also former Chief Executive Officer of the Chicago Public Schools, has written, ‘this program enriches what the students learn at school by offering a ‘beyond the classroom’ experience, increasing their mastery of French and positively impacting their overall academic achievement.’

The program is at the heart of the Alliance Francaise de Chicago’s mission by reaching out to the youth in our community

Benefits for students who participate in the Alliance Française Award Towards Excellence Program:

  • demonstrated overall academic improvement
  • cultural awakening based on enhancing exposure to a foreign language and culture
  • appreciation for cultural diversity and tolerance
  • increased student self-esteem
  • prospect of becoming envoys with the responsibility of sharing their experiences and enthusiasm with their classmates at their home school.
  • 90% of the students who attend the Alliance program go on to college, often the first in their families to pursue higher education.


We are very grateful to the following individuals and companies for their support in making these programs possible:

Contributions given since January 1st, 2016

Mrs. Margaret Abbott-Trboyevic
Ms. Lisa Adelstein
Mr. and Mrs. Curt Bailey
Mr. and Ms. Jason Baxendale
Blue Foundation
Mr. and Ms. Pierric Bonnard
Mrs. John J. Bransfield, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Bridgeman
Mrs. Catherine Brink
Mr. David Brooks
Mr. Robert J. Buford
Mme Veronique Bushala
Mr. Carlos R. Cardenas
Mr. and Mrs. Paul-Henri Chevalier
Chicago Public Schools
Mr. Eric Cohen
Dr. and Mrs. Mimis Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Connellan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert. L. Conrad
Dr. and Mrs. John Q. Cook
Ms. Patty Cook
Mr. and Mrs. Georges Culioli
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Daniels
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Delaney
Ms. Touria El Glaoui
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Elting III
Mr. and Mrs. Jean-Pierre Ergas
Mme Christine Floreani and Consul Général Vincent Floreani

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Fourness
Fred J. Brunner Foundation
Ms. Constance M. Frydenlund and Mr. John C. Covell
Mr. and Ms. Robert Glick
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Glover
Mr. and Ms. Douglas C. Grissom
Mr. and Mrs. M. Hill Hammock
Mr. Larry Hanson
Ms. Beth Bennett Hebbeln and Mr. Mark Hebbeln
Mr. and Ms. Robert Parsons
Mr. Alexander Jacobs
Mr. and Mrs. Darrin Jolas
Mr. Alfonso Julien
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. William Killion
Ms. Kristina Schneider and Mr. Karl Kocher
Dr. and Mrs. Steven R. Lafayette
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Lenny
Mr. and Mrs. Myron Lieberman
|Mr. and Mrs. Cary J. Malkin
Ms. Katrina Markoff
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Marks
Ms. Armeen S. Mirza and Mr. Zeeshan H. Mirza
Mr. and Mrs. Sherif Mityas
Mr.and Mrs. Frédéric Nalis
Mr. Craig Noble
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Notz, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael O'Malley

Mr. and Mrs. James Orth
Mr. and Ms. Robert Parsons
Mr. and Mrs. Olivier Pasquier
Mr. and Mrs. James Pierpont
Mr. and Mrs. David Pisor
Ms. Elizabeth Price
Mrs. Corinna Niestrath-Quelle and Consul Général Herbert Quelle
Mr. Oscar Regalado
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Saias
Ms. Diane Saltoun and Mr. Bruce Braun
Ms. Cheryl L. Sandner
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Schink
Mr. and Ms. Pierre Serex
Mr. Jordan Shields
Mr. Leif Soderberg
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Springer
Mr. and Ms. Joe Starshak
Ms. Mary Kay Sullivan
Ms. Ann E. Thompson
Mr. and Ms. Barton Tretheway
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Van Horn
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Vance
Mr. and Mrs. Gaétan de la Vauvre
Mr. and Mrs. Etienne Veber
Mr. Joseph Winjum
Ms. Martha Wolff and Mr. David Van Zanten