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Bonjour ! Je m’appelle Francis.

I was born in Kumasi, Ghana, which is a nation in West Africa and my first language is Twi (a dialect of Akan). Since Ghana was a British colony, we learned English at school so I was already fluent in two languages when I arrived in this country. Now, thanks to the Alliance, I am on my way to speaking a third! French!

When I came to the US, I was very shy and especially self-conscious about the way I spoke. I was living in a new country and I was trying to figure out high school which for me, a kid from Africa, was a little overwhelming.

My high school teacher encouraged me to enroll in the Award Towards Excellence program at the Alliance. I was curious, so I asked some of the former students about it. Everyone loved it so I thought I would apply and go for the interview.


All of a sudden, I found myself sitting in a room with French people asking me questions… en français !

Not only has the Alliance introduced me to different places and expanded my knowledge of the world, it has opened my mind. Now, I live my life filled with surprise and happiness. I never had this feeling before and it feels great!

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My time with the Alliance was nothing but fun! The class attended French theater, visited museums and saw French art. We met French teens from the Lycée Français. I could relate and speak on the same level…in French! As a group, we were trying French foods and learning how to cook healthy dinners. I made — and successfully flipped — crêpes and now, every morning I make crêpes for my mother. It was fun learning.

Oh, and did I leave out that I was one of 6 students awarded a summer scholarship trip to Paris? Incroyable !

The Alliance ignited an interest in learning. I was a C student when I began the program and tout à coup, I was getting straight A’s! This was a HUGE achievement for me! This fall I started college and am taking all that I learned about myself during my time at the Alliance and applying this new approach to my studies. Chemistry is my major and I plan on going to medical school with the hope of becoming a neurologist. Without my time at the Alliance, I would not have opened myself up to these new and difficult challenges.

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