What's my level?


Our free placement call is a way for us to better understand your strengths and needs. After a quick chat with one of our teachers, they will recommend exactly which class level you should sign up for and your scheduling options – all before you hang up!

*For a kids' class placement call, please contact Anne Thenin: [email protected]. You do not need to answer the questions below for kids placements.

We host placement calls the 2 weeks before a new session.

Next placement weeks: January 24 - February 4


Our French Class Levels: A Guide

A1-1: Introduction "Le Newbie"

You've never studied French before. Let's get started with all the basics!

A1-2: Beginners "Le I-Know-a-Lot"

You understand the basics. Now, you can learn different structures, and tenses.

A2: Adanced Beginners "Le I-Can-Do-a-Lot"

You can hold a conversation! Keep building your vocabulary in this level.

B1: Intermediate "Le Traveler"

You can get around, and share your opinions. Now, you'll learn to express abstract ideas!

B2: Independent "Le College Student"

You understand complex ideas. Continue to grow your authentic communication skills!

C1: Proficient "Le Pro"

You understand almost everthing you hear or read. Make strides toward fluency!

C2: Proficient "L'Expert"

You can navigate difficult content and nuances. Maintain your skills through conversation! 



To sign up for a placement call, please follow these steps: 

  1. Look at the 5 questions below and answer as many as you can to the best of your ability.
  2. Look at the schedule below and pick a time slot that works best for your call. 
  3. Send an email to [email protected] with your name, number, answers to the questions, and your preferred day and time slot. 



Until we speak with you, please help us help you by answering the following to the best of your ability without using a dictionary or online help. If you cannot answer a question, leave it blank. This is not a test, just a way for us to find out exactly where you are and what the best class is for you. 

1) Describe a member of your family: name, age, profession, physical description. (1-3 lignes)

2) Qu'avez vous étudié au lycée / l'université? Pourquoi? (1-3 lignes)

3) Pouvez-vous donner des directions et indications précises pour aller de chez vous au musée le plus proche? (1-3 lignes)

4) Que pensez-vous des voitures électriques? (1-3 lignes)

5) Votre ami(e) a un problème de santé mais refuse d'aller chez le docteur. Expliquez lui pourquoi c'est important qu'il/elle le fasse. (1-3 lignes)

6) Comment traduire la phrase: "Avec des "si" on mettrait Paris en bouteille" ?


Winter Session Placement Schedule

January 24 - 28

Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri.
--- 9AM-11AM 9AM-11AM 9AM-11AM 9AM-11AM
11AM-1PM 11AM-1PM 11AM-1PM 11AM-1PM 11AM-1PM
4PM-6PM --- 4PM-6PM 4PM-6PM ---





January 31 - February 4

Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri.
--- 9AM-11AM 9AM-11AM 9AM-11AM 9AM-11AM
11AM-1PM --- 11AM-1PM 11AM-1PM 11AM-1PM