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Field Trips

Let your students experience France for a day!

Field Trips at the Alliance Française de Chicago allow your students to experience the joy of French culture — without leaving the country!

Teachers and organizers may choose from the two following Field Trip formulas:

  • Le Simple: One 2-hour activity
  • Le Double: Two 2-hour activities

To request a Field Trip, please fill out this form.

Please take care to read our Field Trip Policies located at the bottom of this page!

Ateliers (Activities)

Our engaging educational activities can be conducted in French or English based on the proficiency of the group. The program can also be adapted depending on your group’s needs; contact Anne Thénin for more information.

To ensure students’ safety, chaperones or teachers must attend activities with students to monitor their behavior.

Atelier Cinéma

We own a wonderful collection of short and full-length films, with everything from classic comedies to moving documentaries! These films are catalysts for conversations about culture, history, and language. Keep scrolling to view a brief list of our film selections!

Atelier Cuisine

Guided by our culinary instructors, students will work in small groups to prepare one of our simple yet delicious menus. Recipes and instructions are provided in French and/or English. Keep scrolling to view our menu options!

Atelier Cinéma

Choose your Film

We offer a wide variety of films as a window into French culture. Choose one of many great film selections below — and feel free to ask for our full list of options!

Disclaimer: Occasionally, teachers have noted cinematic elements that they found slightly controversial due to local tastes. We recommend that teachers preview films or read IMDB’s summaries and Parental Guides ahead of time if concerned about content.

The following films are not officially rated (NR) unless specified.

Collection courts métrages | 90 min
Le Petit Nicolas | 87 min
Les vacances du Petit Nicolas | 120 min
Joyeux Noël | PG-13 | 116 min
Cartouches Gauloises | 90 min
Les Choristes | 97 min
La gloire de mon père | PG | 105 min
Le château de ma mère | PG | 98 min
Les émotifs anonymes | 80 min
Panique au village | 75 min
Serko | 100 min
La haine | R | 96 min
Au revoir les enfants | 104 min
Le Petit Prince | PG | 102 min
Le fils de l’épicier | 96 min
La grande illusion | 114 min
La chambre des officiers | PG-13 | 135 min
Le Chef I 84 minutes
Molière PG-13 I 120 minutes
Un Monstre à Paris I 86 minutes
Les 400 coups I 99 minutes
Bienvenue chez les Ch’tits I 105 minutes
Bienvenue à Marly-Gomont * only in French ((audio and subtitles)
Julie & Julia I 123 minutes
Le Havre I 93 minutes

Atelier Cuisine

Take advantage of the professional-grade teaching kitchen at the Alliance Française! Our hands-on Atelier Cuisine gives your students the opportunity to feel like a true French chef. As such, we encourage students to dress appropriately in case of any spills!

Disclaimer: Schools are expected to notify us of any dietary restrictions or allergies in advance. Please note that we will not be able to modify our menus for students with specific allergies; they should come prepared with their own meal, as we cannot guarantee that our kitchen is free of cross-contamination. Merci !


Le Simple: Atelier Cinéma
10–30 students: $15/student
31–50 students: $13/student
Le Simple: Atelier Cuisine
10–15 students: $30/student
16–32 students: $28/student (larger class size is only available in Le Double, in which students are split into two groups)
Le Double: Ateliers Cinéma + Cuisine
10–15 students: $38/student
16–32 students: $35/student (Two groups of 16 students max. One group is in the kitchen while the other is in the auditorium, and then switch)

Field Trip Policies

Atelier Cuisine
Minimum: 10 students
Maximum: 32 students (in two groups of 16)

Atelier Cinema
Minimum: 10 students
Maximum: 100 students
Room capacity: 150 seats

Note: The kitchen and auditorium are both wheelchair accessible.

Transportation and lunch (except for the Atelier Cuisine) are not provided.

Schools are responsible for transportation and prompt arrival. The Alliance Française is not responsible for any delays due to traffic or transportation. Field Trip resources will be available only for the scheduled time, and in case of late arrival, activities may be cut short. Field Trips MUST end by 2:30 PM.

For every 10 students in the Atelier Cuisine, one adult (18 or older) can join for free. For each additional adult participating in the Atelier Cuisine, an extra $10 fee will apply.

A non-refundable deposit of $150 is due one month prior to the date of the Field Trip. In cases where the Field Trip is booked less than one month in advance, the deposit is due the same day that the Field Trip is requested. Reservations will be confirmed only when the deposit has been paid. Deposit must be paid in cash, by Visa/Mastercard, or by check made out to “The Alliance Française de Chicago”.

Balance payment (cash or check) is due in full the day of the Field Trip. Paper and electronic receipts will be issued for the deposit and final payment.

If the Field Trip date is changed less than a month prior to the date scheduled, the confirmation will be effective once the deposit has been paid. If the Field Trip date is changed within 2 weeks of the original Field Trip date, an additional $50.00 fee will be charged.

Prices are based on the number of students participating. This number is final one week before the Field Trip and the price will remain unchanged even if less students come the day of.