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Notre-Dame Paris: Fire & Restoration

With Michel Picaud

  • Tuesday, April 12 at 12:00 p.m.

  • Free for AF-USA members and Students* • $10 Non-members

  • Online • In English

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*Students with .edu addresses online. High school, college, or university

In conversation with Tom Rossiter.

For three years before April 15, 2019, Michel Picaud, president of the Friends of Notre-Dame de Paris foundation, had devoted most of his time raising money to restore the cathedral. That day, he had just made it home when he received the call that Notre-Dame was on fire. He drove back to watch the medieval cathedral, often called the beating heart of Christianity, ravaged by the flames .

We welcome back Michel Picaud to tell us incredible stories of that night, such as how the crown of thorns was saved, and how the restoration of Notre-Dame is challenging even French innovation.

À ne pas manquer!

A former director of international telecommunication companies and graduate of Ecole Polytechnique, Michel Picaud, became volunteer president of Friends of Notre Dame de Paris. He brought his expertise to mobilize U.S. funding for the beloved French cathedral. And, after the fire, the foundation has become a major instrument in fundraising for the cathedral’s reconstruction.

Tom Rossiter, FAIA, is an architect and a photographer as well as an avid supporter of Friends of Notre Dame. You can read about his most recent work here.

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