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Placement Calls: Late Fall Session 2022

  • October 31 – November 11

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Placement calls help us understand your strengths and needs. After a quick chat with one of our teachers, you’ll know your perfect class level and your scheduling options — all before you hang up!

We offer placement calls during the two-week window before a session starts. For the Late Fall 2022 session, placement calls are available from Oct. 31 – Nov. 11.

Request a Placement Call

Take a look at our Placement Call schedule and find a time slot that works for you. Send an email to [email protected] with your name, phone number, and your preferred day and time slot.

Level Guide

A1–1: Introduction
“Le Newbie”: You’ve never studied French before. Let’s get started with all the basics!

A1–2: Beginner
“Le I-Know-a-Lot”: You understand the basics. Now, you can learn different structures and tenses.

A2: Advanced Beginner
“Le I-Can-Do-a-Lot”: You can hold a conversation! Keep building your vocabulary in this level.

B1: Intermediate
“Le Traveler”: You can get around and share your opinions. Now, you’ll learn to express abstract ideas!

B2: Independent
“Le College Student”: You understand complex ideas. Continue to grow your authentic communication skills!

C1: Proficient
“Le Pro”: You understand almost everything you hear or read. Make strides toward fluency!

C2: Proficient
“L’Expert”: You can navigate difficult content and nuances. Maintain your skills through conversation!

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