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Série Noire a l'Alliance : Tropes and Orality in French Noir Novels #1

A study of Les Portes étroites by Simon François (Editions du Masque)

  • Thursday, March 9 • 5:30 p.m. (CST)

  • $10 Member • $20 Non-member • Free for students*

  • En ligne • En français

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Join us, and the author, to understand the narrative strategies, the cultural and linguistic codes displayed in Simon François’ hit novel.

See, or rather hear, how the dialogues’, inner monologues’ and storytelling’s life-like qualities are both modern and part of an extended literary tradition of idioms, colorful voices and sinister characters that are genre defining.

One hour presentation with Geoffrey Ruiz, Alliance’s School Director and French national living in Chicago. Followed by a Q&A and discussion with the author Simon Francois.

Workshop will be conducted in French with an English flair. On Zoom.

Simon François’ novel Les Portes étroites, recently published at the famed Editions du Masque, is currently receiving critical acclaim in France. It was featured in Paris Match, Les Echos and TV5 to name a few. It is also in competition at the prestigious festival Quai du Polar where it has been nominated in the “Polar en Series” category, a category that leads TV adaptations!

*High school, college, or university students must bring IDs to event, or register with their .edu email addresses online, to receive free admission

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