The Best of French "cinéma d'auteur"!

The Best of French "cinéma d'auteur"!

Saturday, August 1–Monday, August 31
Admission: $8 for each film

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3 Midwest Premieres! Discover three of the best award-winning independent films featuring Fanny Ardent, Mathieu Almaric and introducing you to a new generation of directors…

Vif-Argent, Perdrix and Merveille à Montfermeil, available through the month of August. In French with English subtitles.


Perdrix / The Bare Necessity

Dir. Erwan Le Duc, 2019, 100 min
With Swann Arlaud, Maud Wyler, Fanny Ardant
In French with English subtitles

In Erwan Le Duc’s debut feature film, he imagines the idyllic woods of the Vosges Mountains as home to revolutionary nudists, obsessive earthworm scientists, reenactors staging pyrotechnic facsimiles of World War II battles, and a host of other eccentrics. Police officer Captain Pierre Perdrix is the oddity, a regular guy whose buttoned-up life starts to unfurl when out-of-towner Juliette turns up after being robbed by a militant nudist. Perdix takes up the case and thus begins a fantastic odyssey, encountering a motley crew of characters, including the great Fanny Ardant as Perdrix’s quirky mother.

Perdrix has been presented at the 2019 Festival de Cannes as well as the 2019 Hamburg Film Festival.

"A pair of winning central performances and a heartfelt, drolly funny script elevate a breezily comic love story set in a small French town." — Variety


Vif-Argent / Burning Ghost

Dir. Stéphane Batut, 2019, 104 min
With Thimotée Robart, Judith Chemla, Saadia Bentaïeb
In French with English subtitles

This debut feature film by director Stéphane Batut centers around Juste, who can see dead people. He wanders the streets of Paris, escorting the ghosts he encounters into the afterlife after collecting their last memory. But Juste’s liminal existence is thrown into jeopardy when a young woman named Agathe recognizes him, and he falls madly and illicitly in love with her.

Vif-Argent Jean Vigo prize for Best First Feature Film ; n presented at the 2019 Festival de Cannes, and also won the Champs-Élysées Film Festival 2019 prize (among others).

"A beautifully made minor-key tone poem about love, loss and death, ‘Burning Ghost’ marks a promising second turn at the helm for French casting director Stéphane Batut." — The Hollywood Reporter


Merveilles à Montfermeil / Wonders in the Suburbs

Dir. Jeanne Balibar, 2019, 109 min
With Jeanne Balibar, Ramzy Bedia, Emmanuelle Béart, Mathieu Amalric
In French with English subtitles

As the new mayor of Montfermeil — an underprivileged municipality on the outskirts of Paris — Emmanuelle Joly has great expectations. However, two of her staffers, Joëlle and Kamel have just culminated their long separation with a finalized divorce. As the mayor starts implementing her quirky campaign promises — naps for all, rooftop farms, sexual assistance in the home, harmonization of breathing — political rivals start sabotaging her enthusiastic plans, while Joëlle and Kamel’s bickering further disrupt the administration and threaten this year’s Brioche Day.

Merveilles à Montfermeil has been presented at the 2019 Locarno International Film Festival.

"Jeanne Balibar invented a beautifully absurd comedy, served by a cohort of talented actors, from Mathieu Amalric to Marlène Saldana." — Le Monde