Ciné-Club: Coalesce

Ciné-Club: Coalesce

With special guest, director Jessé Miceli!

Sunday, March 21 at 1:00 p.m.
Free admission - Donations encouraged
This event takes place online - Zoom links will be emailed Saturday evening

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New money flourishes Phnom Penh - but for whom? For this week in our Festival de la Francophonie, we'll be taking a look at breakout director Jessé Miceli's Cannes-featured portrait of modern Cambodia and the rapidly changing world of its capital city. Join us for a special screening / discussion of: 


Coalesce (France / Cambodia, 2020) 

In Khmer and English, with English subtitles / 1 hour and 23 minutes

This film will be available to stream from 3/17 - 3/21

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Coalesce (France/Cambodia) from Asian Pop-Up Cinema on Vimeo.


A quiet teenager. An aspiring motorcyclist. A young taxi driver. Three stories unfold in the heart of Cambodia's quickly developing urban metropolis, all focusing on the dreams of young people yearning for something better. Growth and industry is all around them - but is it for them? Will the new generation coming of age in an urban boom get to know the comforts of their rapidly modernizing city? Or is the dazzling new image of the capital city merely a facade for the struggles of the invisible youth? 

Jessé Miceli's eyes-on-the-ground exploration of modern Phnom Penh is an powerful début film for this up-and-coming director, one that provides a wonderfully impressionistic view of the city through the lens of youth culture and three gradually intertwining stories. Let's talk about it! 




Isn’t it time you caught up on all those movies you've been meaning to watch? If you’re a cinéphilefrancophile, or just looking for some fun conversation in these isolating times, we’ve got you covered. 

Each week, we’ll reveal the film up for discussion by Wednesday on our social media and the events page of our website. We’ll also include some context to consider while watching, and some links for where to view it. You’ll have the rest of the week to watch the film independently and then we’ll group up online via Zoom on Sunday at 1:00 PM CST to discuss (Zoom links will be sent by email by Saturday evening). BYOB (or W)!

For the sake of inclusivity, the discussion will be in English. Come full of thoughts or just full of ramblings – we’ll take either, or both! 

Discussion will be led by Matthew Jackson, curator and animateur of the Ciné-Club since it began in March 2020. Matthew studied film at the University of Chicago and has written on cinema for the politics revue, Toquevillle21.