Virtual Open House

Virtual Open House

Virtual Open House

Thursday, June 18 at

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Welcome to our virtual "open door" space! Here you can meet students and teachers from our online classes ; discover our cultural programs; visit with our mediathèque community; check out our Chez Kids Academy; check out our Outreach Class of 2020 celebration; listen to our McCormick Awards for Excellence Scholarship graduates; and explore the work done by our international team of interns and volunteers. Alll part of the Alliance’s Experience!… Bienvenue!


Le Talent - Behind the Scenes

We at the Alliance wouldn't be the place we are today without the hard work and dedication of our international team of interns and volunteers. From tending bar to organizing the events you know and love, these behind the scenes heroes are an integral part of helping the Alliance while they are in Chicago... and before they take their experience to new, global endeavours. Get to know interns and volunteers (past and present) in this video on notre talent!


Alliance Francaise de Chicago McCormick Awards for Excellence Scholarship.​​​​​​

The McCormick Awards for Excellence Scholarship has been sending students on life-changing voyages to Paris for over 50 years now! Hear some of our scholars' stories and find out what impact this program has had on on their personal and professional development.


Kids & Teens

Thank you for a wonderful summer camp, and merci for your patience while we keep on becoming online learning pros, much like you. Now that we are back...did you can there are still spots open in our Les Poussins preschool program? Sign up your 3–4 year old now. We are also offering a new Pod learning program, as well our CNED tutoring option. We are looking forward to seeing you all soon!



A lot happened since classes went online this spring. It doesn’t matter anymore if you have moved to St. Louis or Seattle because the AF-Chicago community has only grown! Now you can easily engage in l’art de la conversation with our fall classes. Online, onsite, and still so French!


Cultural Programs 

Before the pandemic you came from around Chicago to meet authors, artists, and performers in our auditorium; enjoy a wine tasting in our kitchen; or appraise a new exhibition in our salon. Now that our programs have moved online you come from all over the country… and beyond! This is our new meeting place. Check out what we have to offer and remember: we are the place for all things French! With many programs in English too...



How do you celebrate a graduation during a pandemic? The Class of 2020 from the Alliance Educational Outreach program went creative with a first ever virtual "Au Revoir" party! Join the fun and hear what they have to say… This is the 22nd graduation for our afterschool French language/culture enrichment program in partnership with Chicago Public Schools.


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