Ciné-Club: La Moustache

Sunday, November 22 at 1:00 p.m.
Free admission - Donations encouraged
This event takes place online - zoom links will be emailed by Sunday morning.

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If a man shaves his mustache, and no-one's around to see it, did he really shave his mustache? On the slate for discussion this week is a surreal mystery about a man who slowly loses touch with reality after a mundane cosmetic choice - that no-one seems to acknowledge. Join us for a discussion of: 

La Moustache (2005)

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When Marc makes the impulsive decision to shave his mustache, he expects his wife to be shocked. But much to his surprise, it doesn't seem that she notices at all. In fact, nobody does - the world carries on as if Marc is still sporting his soup strainer. Flustered by this unexpected blindness to his bare face, Marc starts looking for any evidence to confirm what he knows to be true - that stache is gone. But is it?

Bizarre, absurd, and borderline Lynchian, this adaptation of Emmanuel Carrère's surrealist mystery novel is weird in all the best ways. By taking a simple fact of reality and showing it denied by the entire world, La Moustache creates a sanity-tweaking environment of paranoia and subtle intrigue. Are we crazy, or is it everyone else who's crazy?  Let's talk about it!

Cohosted by David Conner, former film lecturer at UCSC and the SF Art Institute. David also organizes online film discussion groups around selections from The Criterion Channel and the canon of Queer/Camp Cinema. 



Isn’t it time you caught up on all those French classics you’ve been meaning to watch? If you’re a cinéphilefrancophile, or just looking for some fun conversation in these isolating times, we’ve got you covered.
Each week, we’ll reveal the film up for discussion by Wednesday on our social media and the events page of our website. We’ll also include some context to consider while watching, and some links for where to view it. You’ll have the rest of the week to watch the film independently and then we’ll group up online via Zoom on Monday at 6:30 PM to discuss. BYOB (or W). Sound good?  

For the sake of inclusivity, the discussion will be in English. When you register, we’ll send you a link for accessing the conversation group. Come full of thoughts or just full of ramblings – we’ll take either, or both! 

Discussion will be led by Matthew Jackson, a former AF culture intern. Matthew studied film at the University of Chicago and spends most of his time blathering about movies online.