Canada/Québec: Slam Poetry Performance

Canada/Québec: Slam Poetry Performance

In French and English · With Mathieu Lippé and Marc Kelly Smith

Tuesday, March 3 at 7:00 p.m.
Walk-Ins welcome!
54 W. Chicago Ave.

Not to be missed! An evening dedicated to slam poetry, the spoken word, and the accents that carry them. Presented in French and in English and hosted by Mathieu Lippé and Marc Kelly Smith of the French Slam Connection. Mathieu and Marc will get us started but get ready to jump in yourself for the open mic closer! 

A true artist of the spoken word, Mathieu Lippé deconstructs and rebuilds the world around him with his songs and stories sprinkled with slam poetry. He has taken home first place in the 2008 Grand Slam National du Québec, and after setting his sights on Paris, brought back 2nd place in the Poetry World Cup (La coupe du monde en poesie) the same year.

Lippé also hosts “Slame tes accents”, a competitive slam poetry program sponsored by the Centre de la Francophonie des Ameriques that encourages francophone students to take pride in their unique accents and idioms. By putting the diversity of accents on center stage, "Slame tes accents" highlights the vitality and dynamism of the francophone community in the Americas, challenges the idea of a single “correct” French language and stimulates interest in the French-Speaking world by showing students the evocative power of their words.

Marc Smith is the creator/founder of the Uptown Poetry Cabaret. As stated in the PBS television series, The United States of Poetry, a “strand of new poetry began at Chicago’s Green Mill Tavern in 1987 when Marc Smith found a home for the Poetry Slam.” Since then, performance poetry has spread throughout the world exported to over 1000 cities large and small.

Chalking up more than a 2000 performances in nightclubs, concert halls, libraries, universities, and on top of the occasional hot dog stand, Smith continues to host and perform every Sunday night at the Green Mill to standing room only crowds. He currently guides and directs Chicago’s SpeakEasy Ensemble an innovative performance poetry troupe that specializes in One Poetic Voice performance interpretation, a new style of poetic translation that presents two languages simultaneously in dynamic performance. 

Have a listen !


A ne pas manquer: un évènement  dédié au slam, à la parole et aux accents, en francais et en anglais en compagnie de Mathieu Lippé et Marc Smith de la French Slam Connection.

Artiste de la parole, Mathieu Lippé  déconstruit et reconstruit le réel par ses chansons ses contes ponctués de poésie slam. Première place du Grand Slam National du Québec, il s’envole pour Paris et remporte la 2ième place à la Coupe du Monde de Poésie en 2008.

Mathieu Lippé est aussi l’animateur du concours “Slame tes accents”, une initiative du Centre de la Francophonie des  Amériques ouvert aux étudiants francophones qui met en valeur la diversité des accents français de par le monde, souligne la vitalité et le dynamisme de la francophonie des Amériques et stimule l’intérêt pour la francophonie en démontrant aux élèves le pouvoir évocateur des mots.