La Belle et la Bête / Beauty and the Beast

La Belle et la Bête / Beauty and the Beast

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Saturday, November 2 at 01:30 p.m.
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La Belle et la Bête / Beauty and the Beast by Jean Cocteau (France, 1946, 93 min.)

In French with English subtitles.

Before Disney Studios’ version of the fairy tale, there was Jean Cocteau’s. A beautiful young woman, named Belle, take her father’s place as a prisoner of a mysterious beast, who wishes to marry her. La Belle et la Bête released in 1946 brought to the screen the flamboyant Jean Marais (The Count of Montecristo, The Testament of Orpheus) as both Avenant, Belle’s beau, and the Beast. 

Cocteau’s film underlines this opposition of two worlds, the real one of la Belle, inspired by Flemish painters such as Vermeer or Rembrandt, and the fantastic one of la Bête, the chiaroscuro work of Gustave Doré, especially his engravings illustrating Perrault’s fairy tales (Donkeyskin or Sleeping Beauty). With this opposition of pictorial tones and the use of the same actor for such different roles comes the true strength of this feature, making viewers long the return of the Beast in his magic castle.

“A film that dared to be naive, asking its audience to revert to childhood, the better to accept its practical magic” – the Guardian

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