Online Café d'Albi

Online Café d'Albi

Wednesday, April 22 at 6:30–7:00 p.m.

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Keep your French fresh while you're cooped up in the house, join our online conversation!
Hosted by two native speakers, Noémie and Victoria, Café d'Albi is a moment of casual exchange for all French levels, so no pressure! We talk about everything ranging from everyday matters to more complex subjects - but always adapt to everyone's proficiency.

Every week we'll be discussing diverse topics so that you can practice a different vocabulary!

Mercredi 22 avril : Littérature et cinéma. Quel est votre livre ou genre littéraire préféré, pourquoi ? Quel est votre film préféré, pourquoi ? Regardez-vous ou lisez-vous en français ? Quoi par exemple ? Quel est le dernier film que vous êtes allés voir au cinéma ? Vous achetez des livres à la librairie ou vous les empruntez à la bibliothèque ? Racontez-nous !

Noémie and Victoria both work at the Alliance Française de Chicago and they are both from the South West of France. Noémie just graduated from her Master's Degree in Albi, the town where Victoria is from. Albi is a very old town near Toulouse, the first human settlement there is from the Bronze Age. The town is well-known for being the birthplace of artist Toulouse-Lautrec and for its Cathedral, la Cathédrale Sainte-Cécile d'Albi, is the largest brick building in the world. The construction of the cathedral begun in 1282 and lasted for 200 years. Since 2010, the cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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