Les Lumières : The Good City Panel

Les Lumières : The Good City Panel

A Chicago Architecture Biennial Partner Program

Thursday, November 4 at 6:30 p.m.
Free Admission • Pre-registration mandatory for your safety!
In Person • In English

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20 slides X 20 seconds: Odile Compagnon and Traci Wile tell us the story of the Good City Group, their work, and their methods, with a fun, spontaneous, informal, and silo-breaking in 400 seconds!

Then it’s your turn to take part in a conversation about design, the city, equity, and accessibility in our city.


Odile Compagnon is an architect with a practice in Chicago, IL, and Paris, France. She teaches architecture and scenography at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She likes to always have something to say when someone asks her "What’s Good?”, and is a founding member of the Good City Group.

Traci Wile is a community organizer, artist, and designer. She deeply believes in working for and with people to foster empowered, cohesive communities.

Formed in March 2013, the Good City Group came together around the idea of how the “good city” can inform our roles as civic innovators who care deeply about Chicago’s future. The group was born out of a collective desire for cross-disciplinary, experimental proposals that affect our everyday experiences. We explore inventive, equitable approaches to placemaking, urban design, and environmental justice at the hyperlocal scale that can have a big impact for residents.