Online Film Club: La Jetée

Online Film Club: La Jetée

Discussion in English; films streamable at links provided, in French with English subtitles

Saturday, April 18 at 2:00 p.m.
Free admission - Donations encouraged
This event is ONLINE - zoom links will be emailed following registration

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It is the distant future, and the last survivors of mankind have taken refuge underground. Their only hope is an experimental hypnosis device that sends the test subject's consciousness back in time. Will the phantoms of the past be enough to save the present? Can a memory become solid enough to touch? This week's selection for our online film club is..

LA JETÉE (1962)

Streaming for free on Vimeo. Click Here! 

Released in 1962, this restrained yet trippy rumination on time travel, memory, and dreams would later inspire the Terry Gilliam film 12 Monkeys, which took Chris Marker's arthouse classic and expanded it into a feature film for American audiences with Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt. The original remains one of the most groundbreaking pieces of high-concept science fiction in the history of international cinema, combining photography, film, and hypnotic storytelling to magnificent effect. At just over 20 minutes long, it's not too much of a commitment - but you'll be thinking about it long after the credits roll.

Since this week's watch is pretty short, you may be interested in checking out another short film by one of Chris Marker's contemporaries and collaborators, Alain Resnais:


Streaming for free on YouTube. Click Here!

This mini-documentary is a poetic exploration of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, serving more broadly as a treatise on collective memory and the preservation of culture. Much like Marker, Alain Resnais is no stranger to the motif of les souvenirs. What other parallels do you see? 


This week's session will be co-moderated by Aurore Spiers, PhD Candidate in the Cinema and Media Studies department at the University of Chicago. 



La Vague Bizarre – Watching the weird stuff

Isn’t it time you caught up on all those French cult classics you’ve been meaning to watch? If you’re a cinéphilefrancophile, or just looking for some fun conversation in these isolating times, we’ve got you covered. Join us for a laid-back, weekly discussion of classic films, as we explore the weirder side of the French canon. This ain’t your grandma’s Godard! (although I guess technically it could have been).

Each week, we’ll reveal the film up for discussion by Monday on our social media and the events page of our website. We’ll also include some historical context, potential discussion points to consider while watching, and some links for where to view it. You’ll have the rest of the week to watch the film independently and then we’ll group up online via Zoom on Saturday at 2 PM to discuss. BYOB (or W). Sound good?  

For the sake of inclusivity, the discussion will be in English. Since we’ll be having our meetings over zoom, the group size will be limited to 10 registrants. When you register, we’ll send you a link for accessing the conversation group. Come full of thoughts or just full of ramblings – we’ll take either! 

Discussion will be led by Matthew Jackson, one of our culture interns. Matthew studied film at the University of Chicago and spends most of his time blathering about movies online.