Frances Ha

Frances Ha

Film Retrospective 2018-19: Nouvelle Vague, Revisited 

Saturday, December 1 at 1:30 p.m.
$7 Members / $10 Non-Members / Bring a Friend for Free with Purchase of Ticket / Includes a glass of French wine
54 W. Chicago Avenue

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Frances Ha by Noah Baumbach ( US, 2012, 86 min.)

With Marion Kleinberger - In English

In Frances Ha, La Nouvelle Vague comes to New York City! Shot in black and white and featuring music by Georges Delerue, the composer who famously scored many French New Wave films, Frances Ha pays tribute to the revolutionary movement from 50 years earlier. 


But the film contains more than minor allusions. Its protagonist, Frances (Greta Gerwig), is a driftless young woman who is forced to move all over New York City and beyond, unable to find a foothold or even an apartment. She is an idealist, a hopeful but clueless woman set adrift, much like some of the most beloved Nouvelle Vague protagonists. It is as impossible not to be charmed by Frances’ irrepressible spirit as it is not to swoon at the coolness of Jean Seberg in Breathless.

Frances Ha, underneath its more or less familiar variety of New York indie-world story, is a complex construct, both in what the movie shows and in what it doesn’t, in its narrative construction and in its convergence with life off screen.” - Richard Brody, The New Yorker



Marion Kleinberger is an intern at the Alliance Française. Growing up in France, she watched how Nouvelle Vague films shaped the French culture she grew up in. She will share with us why Baumbach's film is not only an homage to French cinema, but also embodies the need for the American film industry’s own New Wave.

 Film Retrospective 2018-2019

Nouvelle Vague, Revisited

Vintage cars and jazz music; love stories in black and white; reckless youth, smoke and style, so much style … Our new film series is all about the French New Wave with the films you know and love shown on Saturday afternoons, and weeknight screenings dedicated to the New Wave’s influence around the world and across generations—in the presence of our guest speakers.

Are you ready to be swept away? Here comes La Nouvelle Vague again!

Series curated by Aimée Laberge, and co-curated by Bailey Holtz and Randy William