Franco Raffle: Buy tickets and win unique prizes!

Franco Raffle: Buy tickets and win unique prizes!

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Support « la Francophonie » and win franco-prizes!

Our annual Festival de la Francophonie unites representatives from countries from around the world through various cultural events, nearly all of which are open to the public for free. All month-long in March, we keep our doors open to all and shed light on stories from Haiti, Romania, Quebec, Benin, Switzerland, and more.
This would not be possible without your support!

In order to maintain open doors during our French World Festival, we run a month-long raffle featuring more than 25 prizes of French treats scattered across the city. From sports to French Baroque Opera or food, we have something for everyone!

Tickets are $5 for one and $20 for 5, sold on-site during our events and online until March 31st, 2018. Read more about our exclusive prizes below. All proceeds will go towards supporting our programs.
Un très grand merci!

For the ones in need of an escape…

The Sofitel Magnificent Mile has graciously offered a getaway for two, including a room for one night with complimentary breakfast and a $50 gift certificate to the Café des Architectes. Enjoy the seasonal creations of Chef Greg Biggers, plush linens, and signature Sofitel croissants. Magnifique! Perfect for those who need an escape from the daily grind to the best of Parisian luxury!

For the BD (Bande Dessinée) aficionados…

Think Tintin by Hergé… This why French-Belgian BD is famous and we have a number of prizes for the seasoned BD lover or the newcomer. Win stunning sketches of Chicago from Julie Chea, Louise Hullin and Cedric Fortier, the comic book artists from Angoulême who visited us for the opening night of Dessins en liberté. Books to win include signed copies of Pénélope Bagieu’s series Les Culottées, plus a bundle of Smurfs books and three of Belgian comics. Perfect to add to your collection… or start one!

For the Foodies…

Two $50 gift certificate form Vanille Patisserie, a $100 certificate form Bistrot Zinc, and two $25 certificates for Bistrot 6050 and two for Le Pain Quotidien! Last but not least, a gift pack of Chimay beers brewed by Belgian monks for centuries!

Click here to buy your tickets and see the list of our sponsors!

 Our prizes: 

- Grand prix! Parisian Getaway in Chicago: One night at the Sofiitel Chicago Magnificient Mile, two breakfasts and a $50 gift certificate for the Café des Architectes. Est. value: $500.

- VIP Package - Opéra Atelier: Two packages of 4 VIP tickets for Actéon and Pygmalion at the Harris Theater in November. A Chicago premiere before flying to Versailles! Est. value: $500 each.

- Dinner with the French Consul: Enjoy a meal for four with Guillaume Lacroix and his wife Santa at his residence! An amazing opportunity!

- Lunch with Jack McCord and Aimée Laberge: Enjoy a meal for two with Jack McCord, Alliance Française Director, and Aimée Laberge, Director of Programs, at the Arts Club of Chicago.

- The Drawings: Win the five original artpieces drawn live by Cedric Fortier, Louise Hullin et Julie Chea here at the Alliance. Unique pieces! 

- French Architecture Tour of Chicago: A 4-hour Architecture Tour of Chicago en Français, with Jerry Cole... A partager! Est. value: $250.

Chicago Fire - Premier Pack: One pack of four Premier seats good for one Chicago Fire home game during our first six games of the 2018 season. Let's feel the French love for "le Ballon rond". Est. value: $240.

The Alliance Package "Mais oui!": Two eight week class session plus 1 year memberships to the Alliance Française de Chicago. Est. value: $500 each.

- Two tickets for Saint-Saëns Organ Symphonie: A pack of two tickets for this French classical masterpiece played on Tuesday May 15 by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, directed by Emmanuel Krivine and featuring Isabelle Faust and Paul Jacobs. Est. value: $180.

- Pass for two for the Film Retro 2018-2019: Two passes for two for the 9 films of Alliance Française's Film Retrospective 2018-2019. Est. value: $180 each.

- Ride in Limousine: Two $100 gift certificates for riding in limousine! Amazing night guaranteed!

- Bistrot Zinc Gift Certificate: A $100 gift certificate to one of our favorite French restaurants. Bon appétit ! Est. value: $100.

- The Relaxing Experience: Three gift certificates for a one hour massage at U be well 2. Est. value: $90 each.

- Gene Siskel Film Center Package: For the movie lovers: a dual membership from our friends at Gene Siskel! Est. value: $80.

- Les Culottées, Tomes 1 et 2: The complete edition of Pénélope Bagieu's famous graphic novel, first published in Le Monde. Two amazing books... Signed by the author! 

- Patisserie Vanille Gift Card: Two Gifts card of $50 each for buying some of the best French macarons, viennoiseries and pastries in Chicago

- Package of Belgian Comics: Two packages of 4 Belgian Comics: a dive in the worlds of Masupilami, Lucky Luke and their friends! Est. value: $35 each.

Asian Pop Up Cinema Invitation: Two pairs of tickets for the Closing Night of the Asian Pop Up Cinema - édition 2018. Est. value: $30 each.

- Le Pain quotidien Gift Pack Two $25 gift certificates & a cute bags to pick up the bread every morning!

- Bistro 6050 Gift certificate: Two $25 gift certificates to an amazing French Bistro... here in Chicago! Bon appétit !

- Trivia Night at AF du North Shore for two: One pack of two tickets to join in on April 13 for a fun, friendly competition in English with prizes! Est. value: $40.

- The Chimay Tasting Package: For beer lovers, A pack of 2 beautiful Chimay glasses and 4 bottles of Chimay. Est. value: $25.

- A pair of Belgian books: Discover Rue Josaphat and Les Barons, two Belgian novels in French! Est. value: $17.

- The Smurfy Pack: A pack of 6 mini books about the little Belgian blue creatures, in English! Est. value: $15.


Beirut, Marrakesh, Port-au-Prince, Geneva... What do these cities have in common? Le français!

The majority of French speakers live outside of the European continent, and French remains the most commonly learned language in the world after English. The 275 million or so French speakers scattered across the continents bring an enormous cultural diversity to the world.

Our French World Festival / Festival de la Francophonie brings a taste of these cultures to Chicago and offers a new insight on la langue de Molière, de Beckett and de Senghor. Celebrate le monde with us in March through food, literature, music, film, and more!


Beyrouth, Marrakesh, Port-au-Prince, Genève...Que ces villes ont-elles en commun? Le français!

La majorité de la population francophone réside hors du continent européen, et le français demeure, après l'anglais, la langue la plus enseignée dans le monde. Avec quelque 275 millions de locuteurs dispersés sur les cinq continents, le français apporte au monde une incroyable diversité culturelle.

Explorez ses cultures ici à Chicago pendant le Festival de la Francophonie / French World Festival. Redécouvrez la langue de Molière, mais aussi de Senghor ou de Beckett. Célébrez le monde entier avec nous en mars -- sa cuisine, sa littérature, sa musique, son cinéma et plus encore!