Festival du Film Francophone / French World Film Fest

Festival du Film Francophone / French World Film Fest

 See the world in one day! / Une journée pour voir le monde!

Saturday, March 24 at 11:00 a.m.
Pre-registration : $15 for two films · $9 for one movie at the door · In French with English subtitles
54 W. Chicago Avenue

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Online registration is closed but walk-ins are welcome. Merci!

Start with a taste of maple products and the screening of a film with a national flavor (Le goût d’un pays / The Flavor of a Country; 2016, 102 min.) ; follow up by a deeply moving story from Senegal, shortlisted for the 2018 Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film (Félicité; 2017, 129 min.); and finish the day in Algeria for a screening at Facets!

Please note: Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are unable to present Voyage en Pays Vaudou / Journey to the Voodoo Countries in presence of director Ignace Yechenou from Benin. Instead, we propose En Attendant les Hirondelles / Until the Birds Return (2017, 113 min., Algeria) in the presence of filmmaker Karim Moussaoui.

This last screening will take place at Facets at 6:00 p.m. Admission is free but we strongly recommend that you pre-register HERE.


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 11:00 a.m.

Le goût d'un pays / The Flavor of a Country by Francis Legault (2016, 102 min.) · Québec · In French with English subtitles

"Francis Legault’s documentary successfully gives us a taste of sugar, of country, and of sweet tomorrows.” Jean-Baptiste Hervé, Voir.ca

Get a taste of the highs and lows that Quebec faces every year during the annual ritual of maple syrup collection and production. Showcasing both sweeping landscapes and intimate interviews with maple syrup producers, historians, authors, and food critics alike, Le goût d’un pays will help you rediscover Quebec’s rich culture and history. This vibrant documentary tells us the whole story of Quebec through the ancestral tradition of maple syrup production, and the Quebecers agree -- the film was the top box office hit in Quebec theaters in 2017.

Click here to see Francis Legault describe and debate the core of his documentary at Rendez-vous Québec - Cinéma (en français).

 This program is possible thanks to the Canadian Consulate and the Quebec Government Office in Chicago.

 «Le documentaire de Francis Legault réussit à nous donner le goût du sucre, du pays et de beaux lendemains. », Jean-Baptiste Hervé, Voir.ca

Goûtez aux grandeurs et misères des québécois à travers le rituel annuel du temps des sucres et de la fabrication du sirop d’érable! Mariant paysages grandioses et entrevues avec des propriétaires d’érablières, des historiens, des auteurs et des critiques gastronomiques vous font redécouvrir en poésie la culture et l’histoire de ce peuple. A travers le sirop d’érable, héritage d’une tradition ancestrale de fabrication, c’est bien tout le Québec qui nous est raconté dans ce documentaire -- le plus vus en salle au Québec en 2017.

Retrouvez Francis Legault évoquer et débattre de son documentaire aux Rendez-vous Québec –Cinéma en cliquant ici.



  1:00 p.m.

Félicité by Alain Gomis (2017, 129 min.) · Sénégal · In French with English subtitles

"This movie aspires to depict real life, not life as cinema is often inclined to idealize it.” Glenn Kenny, The New York Times

The fierce and free Félicité spends her nights singing at a bar in Kinshasa, until her life is turned upside down when her 14 year-old son is injured in a motorbike accident. To save him, she embarks on a frantic race through the Kinshasa streets, where she encounters a world of music and dreams.

The magic of Alain Gomis’ masterpiece is found in the film’s breathtaking original soundtrack, which alternates between traditional and urban rhythms from the band Kasaï Allstars, and classic pieces by Arvo Pärt, as played by the Kimbanguist Symphony Orchestra, the only orchestra in Sub-Saharan Africa. You can hear Alain Gomis discuss the creation of his film, its music, and more in an interview with anthropologist Émile Guitard by clicking here

Recipient of the Silver Bear Award at the 2017 Berlin International Film Festival. Shortlisted for the 2018 Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.


« C’est tout de même assez dément de parvenir à décrire concomitamment le jour et la nuit, le paradis et l’enfer. C’est ce que réussit Alain Gomis. » Jean-Baptiste Morain, Les Inrockuptibles

Félicité, libre et fière, est chanteuse le soir dans un bar de Kinshasa. Sa vie bascule quand son fils de 14 ans est victime d'un accident de moto. Pour le sauver, elle se lance dans une course effrénée à travers les rues d'une Kinshasa électrique, un monde de musique et de rêves.

La magie de l’œuvre d’Alain Gomis est portée par une bande originale à couper le souffle, qui alterne les rythmes urbains et traditionnels du collectif Kasaï Allstars avec les notes épurées d’Arvo Pärt, interprétées par l’Orchestre Symphonique Kibamguiste, le seul orchestre symphonique d’Afrique subsaharienne.

Ours d’Argent de la Berlinale 2017. Nominé dans la catégorie « Meilleur film en langue étrangère » aux Oscars du Cinéma.



  6:00 p.m. at Facets

Until The Birds Returns (En attendant les hirondelles) in the presence of director Karim Moussaoui (2017, 113 min.) · Algeria/France/Germany · In Arabic and French with English subtitles

Admission is free but we strongly recommend that you pre-register HERE.

"An intriguingly crafted look at contemporary Algeria.”, Hollywood Reporter

This outstanding drama tells three loosely related stories set in a contemporary Algeria of abandoned construction sites, desert roads, and hospitals. Weaving these Chekovian tales together in a seamless three-part structure, Moussaoui reflects upon his country's past, present, and future, sketching in the challenges faced by several generations of Algerians while evoking universal moral dilemmas and disappointment. Through his carefully controlled vision of the happenstance of everyday life, Moussaoui recalls the understated rigor of masters such as Krzysztof Kieslowski and Abbas Kiarostami, yet also allows himself exhilarating flights of fancy such as an impromptu song and dance number on the side of a desert highway. Such formally ambitious, insightful films rarely come along, let alone in the hands of a first-time director, who takes the pulse of modern-day Algiers, a country once riven by colonial occupation and sectarian warfare yet still abundant in beauty and promise. In a single feature, Karim Moussaoui has established himself as a major new voice on the international film scene.

6 Nominations at the Cannes Film Festival 2017 - including Camera d'Or and Un Certain Regard.



Beirut, Marrakesh, Port-au-Prince, Geneva... What do these cities have in common? Le français!

The majority of French speakers live outside of the European continent, and French remains the most commonly learned language in the world after English. The 275 million or so French speakers scattered across the continents bring an enormous cultural diversity to the world.

Our French World Festival / Festival de la Francophonie brings a taste of these cultures to Chicago and offers a new insight on la langue de Molière, de Beckett and de Senghor. Celebrate le monde with us in March through food, literature, music, film, and more!


Beyrouth, Marrakesh, Port-au-Prince, Genève...Que ces villes ont-elles en commun? Le français!

La majorité de la population francophone réside hors du continent européen, et le français demeure, après l'anglais, la langue la plus enseignée dans le monde. Avec quelque 275 millions de locuteurs dispersés sur les cinq continents, le français apporte au monde une incroyable diversité culturelle.

Explorez ses cultures ici à Chicago pendant le Festival de la Francophonie / French World Festival. Redécouvrez la langue de Molière, mais aussi de Senghor ou de Beckett. Célébrez le monde entier avec nous en mars -- sa cuisine, sa littérature, sa musique, son cinéma et plus encore!