Avec l'Auteur · Laurie Levy

Avec l'Auteur · Laurie Levy

In conversation with Randy Williams | in English 

Friday, April 20 at 12:30 p.m.
Admission $5
810 N. Dearborn St.

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Stendhal Summer

Join us for a conversation with Chicago author, Laurie Levy, as she explores the themes of her recent novel, Stendhal Summer.

We welcome back Laurie Levy to the Alliance. She first visited us in 1993 to discuss her research for a biography she was writing about the life of Henri Beyle who wrote under the name of Stendhal. Her life intervened and the book was never written. In fact, the computer on which the research was stored was lost until her son found it in 2010 and was able to retrieve her work. She used that material, instead, to create a novel about a middle-aged Chicago woman who cashes in her life savings to retrace the steps of Stendhal in Paris and Italy in order to write what Levy calls an “unbelievably, unnecessary biography.”

In the process the writer finds love and Stendhal, and we probably end up knowing Stendhal better than we would have by reading another biography.