Health and Safety

Board of Directors

The Alliance Française de Chicago is dependent upon its Board of Directors as its governing body.

This group of individuals guides and oversees the strategic and fiscal direction of the organization, as well as investing their time, expertise, and critical financial support. We are deeply grateful for their leadership.

Executive Committee

Chair | Solange P. Brown
President | David B. Horn
Vice President | Paul-Henri Chevalier
Vice President | W. Paul Krauss
Vice President | Caroline Paranikas
Vice President | Betsey N. Pinkert
Vice President | Francine Saltoun
Treasurer | M. Hill Hammock
Secretary | J. Rowan Carroll
Member at Large | Lisa Bailey
Member at Large | Jean-Pierre Ergas
Counselor | Richard Shepro
President of the Woman’s Board | Cheryl Sandner
Executive Director, Ex Officio | Mary Ellen Connellan

Board Members and Advisors

Lisa Bailey
Virginia Bobins
Myriam Bransfied
Solange P. Brown, Chair
Tim Calkins
Geoffroy de Carbonnel
J. Rowan Carroll, Secretary
Laurie Cherbonnier
Paul-Henri Chevalier, Vice President
Monique Clarine
Mary Ellen Connellan, Ex Officio (Executive Director)
David P. Earle III
Jean-Pierre Ergas, Member at Large
Constance Frydenlund
Lili Gaubin
M. Hill Hammock, Treasurer
John Holmes
David B. Horn, President
R. Stanley Johnson
Renée Johnson
W. Paul Krauss, Vice President
Christine Laurens
Rachael Halstuk Mangoubi
Charles Mottier
Janis W. Notz
Caroline Paranikas, Vice President
Betsey N. Pinkert, Vice President
Francine Saltoun, Vice President
Cheryl Sandner
Richard W. Shepro, Counselor
Yannick Tagand, Consul Général de Chicago
Carol Elizabeth Vance
David Zaslavsky

Armando Almendarez
David R. Hamilton
Julia Luscombe
Salvador Maldonado
Arthur Miller
Clare Muñana
David Spadafora