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Weekly Book Recommendations from our Library #week9

07 Jul 2020 recommendation

Every week, our Librarian Renée will share with you some book recommendations for both children and adults. Recommendations are found at Culturethèque Digital library. Register here for the Alliance Française member benefit. Join today!

Ages 3+

Liberté Egalité Fraternité by Agnès Rosenthiehl

Learn to put the principles of Liberté, Egalité, and Fraternité into everyday practice. A very timely story for our youngest readers and listeners. Culturethèque Digital Library. Storyplyr audiobook.

Ages 5+ VIDEO

Prise De La Bastille, by France TV Education (2014)

This informative video will guide you to know more about the history behind le 14 juillet.

Learner B2 / Youth – Adult Interest

Demandez-leur la lune by Isabelle Pandazopoulos (2020)

The story follows the lives of teens from challenging circumstances—without even access to Internet in their neighborhood. One teacher who believes in them helps them to find their way to new opportunities. Culturethèque Digital Library.


L’étranger by Albert Camus (1942) (1883)

This must-read Camus classic is a novel in keeping with turbulent times. If you are ready for the challenge, this philosophical tale of the absurd–a criticism of social norms–may be just what you are looking for now. Not a light read. Culturethèque Digital Library.

Mersault, Contre-Enquete by Kamel Daoud (2014)

A modern-day take on L’étranger by Camus: The story of the accused (Meursault) from his point of view–driving home the point of the injustice that was done to him. Food for thought. Culturethèque Digital Library.


Le Collier De La Reine by Alexander Dumas (1848)

A novel of historical fiction, it follows the events surrounding the fabricated incident that further tarnished the already-sullied reputation of Marie Antoinette—a key event that precipitated the French Revolution. Culturethèque Digital Library.

We hope you’ll enjoy la lecture of these books, stay tuned for more recommendations next week!