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Weekly Book Recommendations from our Library #week7

23 Jun 2020 recommendation

Every week, our Librarian Renée will share with you some book recommendations for both children and adults. Recommendations are found at Culturethèque Digital library. Register here for the Alliance Française member benefit. Join today!

Ages 3+

Ce livre est pour toi by Francesca Chessa

A young girl imagines a life of limitless possibilities–full of big plans, along with simple everyday pleasures. Dream big and explore. Culturethèque Digital Library. Storyplyr audiobook.

Ages 5+

Le restaurant pour chats by François Chetchuti et Beatrice Egemar

Anita realizes her dream of opening a refined restaurant for cats. Conflicts ensues when someone opens up a common cantine for dogs across the street. The characters come to learn the importance of open-mindedness. Culturethèque Digital Library. Storyplyr audiobook.

Learner B1 / Youth – Adult

Lucas sur la route by Léo Lamarche

Lucas wonders what is next for him, now that he has received his baccalauréat degree. He sets out to the Alps on a voyage of adventure and self-reflection. Perfect for the times. Culturethèque Digital Library.

Adult Learners – Multi-level

Elle à table - Magazine

Gain inspiration for summer recipes by digitally thumbing through the pages of current issues of this magazine. Culturethèque Digital Library.


Around the world in 80 Days by Jules Verne

Written by an original founder of the Alliance Française in France, this adventure story follows the escapades of the mysterious English gentleman, Phileas Fogg, who sets out on a dare to travel the world in eighty days–encountering many modern (for the time) marvels along the way. Culturethèque Digital Library.


Entre Les Murs by François Bégaudeau (2006)

Drawing on his experience’s working in an inner-city Parisian school, Bégaudeau writes the modern street French that you may never have seen before. The pace is quick, immersive, and the story is non-linear–as are the lives of the characters it portrays. The novel was adapted into a movie by the same name (The Class / Entre les murs) that won the 2008 Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival. Culturethèque Digital Library.

We hope you’ll enjoy la lecture of these books, stay tuned for more recommendations next week!