Health and Safety

Tartiflette Recipe

By Conery Hoffman

Food is always on the top of my list when traveling and some of my favorite memories include what was on the menu. During college, I spent a weekend in Manigod, a commune located in eastern France. While speaking with a friend about visiting this area, memories from long ago came flooding back of a rather simple, hearty dish made of potatoes, reblochon cheese, lardons and onions that is eaten - and celebrated - in the Alps. It turned out my friend is from this area of France and is also quite the tartiflette master. You can imagine what happened next. I asked him to make it.

In 2015 on a crisp winter day, we decided to hold a dinner for 10 and dubbed it fête de la tartiflette. Who knew a regional dish of no significance at the time, from so many years ago, would become an important part of our lives. We now host this fête annually, which has turned out to be an extremely lively, and a little boozy, fun party. To learn how to make tartiflette, check out this video clip and when everyone is able to gather once again, invite your good friends and family over, pour some crisp Aprémont, put on some dance music and conjure up the Alps!

Note: Réblochon is unavailable in the U.S. It doesn’t fit the FDA’s pasteurization guidelines -substitute w/raclette.