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Student Spotlight: Lisa Kinney

21 Mar 2017 spotlights

What was it about the Alliance Française that first interested you? I was interested in the Alliance Française because of its reputation as being one of the best French language schools in the world.

Why french/francophone language/culture? For me it was essential to learn the basics of French because my plan was to move to Paris the following year to get my Masters in Global Communications.

Why is it important to learn a new language?

It’s important to learn a new language because it helps you build more meaningful relationships with the native people of that country.

What is the most challenging thing about studying a new language?

The most challenging thing about studying a new language is understanding that it takes time to become fluent and you will definitely make mistakes.

What is your favorite thing you’ve done with French?

The favorite thing I’ve done with French was using the language while I was studying abroad in Paris and having the chance to work overseas.

Why do you think teaching your kids a new language is important?

It’s important to teach kids new languages because it gives them a more worldly perspective and an openness to learn and understand other cultures.