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Improv en français

10 Aug 2016 classes

Check out the brand new course “Improv en Français” at the Alliance this fall!


About the Course

Taught by Renée-Claude Thériault, this course is designed to help you think on your feet and become more comfortable speaking French. Renée-Claude has many fun activities planned for the course, including character games where students will create characters through movement and voice. They will also get to improvise full scenes by the end of the term.

Renée-Claude is excited to share her love for French and improv with her class. She cannot wait to see her students progress and get more and more comfortable speaking French each week. Of her experience with improv, she says:

“It helped me gain confidence in my social interactions and kept my creativity active. Then when I moved in Chicago, I had to switch to doing improv in English and it really helped me develop linguistic reflexes in my second language. I saw an improvement in communicating. I want to bring that tool to the students of the Alliance because I truly believe that the best way to learn is through having fun!”

About Your Teacher

Renée-Claude started learning improv in French when she was eight. She grew up in Grand Falls, New Brunswick, Canada and studied improv and stand-up comedy in Toronto for two years. In January 2014, she toured French Immersion schools all across Ontario, performing a bilingual show called “O Canada!” She moved to Chicago in the summer of 2014 to pursue her career in comedy. Renée-Claude wrote and performed One Woman Show in French called “Pardon My French.” Since January 2015, she has been performing shows with her improv troupe, “Hulk Spanx.” For more info about Renée-Claude, read her interview (en français) with French in Chicago.

Register for 390E (Level B1) or 390F (Level B2).