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An inspirational story at the Alliance ...

14 Jan 2016 spotlights

As we enter a new year, we wanted to share with you what we believe is a very inspirational story about one of our students.

Meet Marc!

Marc is a Chicagoan who plans on moving to France next year. This is what brought him to the Alliance where he has been studying for a year now.

Marc is an amicable, enthusiastic and highly dedicated student who had no previous French experience. However, his hard work and motivation have allowed him to start his very own French blog!

His scrapbook-like feeds do not aim to be perfect but rather communicate about his life and his projects in French. And they do just that. Indeed, they are easy to read and to understand for well-trained Francophiles and beginners alike.

So check out his blog “On va y arriver” (we will make it) and join us as we congratulate Marc on his tremendous achievement.

Bravo et bonne continuation à lui et à tous nos étudiants.

PS If you know of similar initiatives you would like for us to highlight on the blog, or if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave us a message.