Kids & Teens Classes

Age 5 Let's Speak French with Tatou le Matou!

Fall Winter 2019

Anne Thénin

Anne Thénin

10:50 am–12:20 pm
Sat. November 16 – Sat. January 25
$280 members / $315 non-members
Book: Workbook Tatou le Matou $20
Code: KA1


After 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, November 9, prices will include a $15 late registration fee.

The Alliance will be closed between November 25 and 30 for Thanksgiving and between December 16 and January 1st for the Holidays. There will be no class during these times (except for preschool in session until Dec 20).

For more information, and pre-registration, call us at:
(312) 337‑1070, or email Philippe Schaller: pschaller@af‑