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Field Trips for Adults

Adult Field Trips at the Alliance Française de Chicago allow you to experience the joy of French culture — without leaving the country!

Please choose from the two following formulas for your Immersive visit:

  • Le Simple: One 2-hour activity
  • Le Double: Two 2-hour activities

To request a Field Trip, please fill out this form or contact Claire Hefty at [email protected].

Ateliers (Activities)

Our engaging activities can be conducted in French or in English, based on the proficiency of the group.

Atelier Cinéma

We own a wonderful collection of short and full-length films, with everything from classic comedies to moving documentaries! These films are catalysts for conversations about culture, history, and language. Keep scrolling to view a brief list of our film selections!

Atelier Cuisine

Guided by our culinary instructors, you will work in small groups to prepare one of our simple yet delicious menus. Recipes and instructions are provided in French and/or English. Keep scrolling to view our menu options!

Atelier Cinéma

Choose your Film

We offer a wide variety of films as a window into French culture. Choose one of many great film selections below — and feel free to ask for our full list of options!

The following films are not officially rated (NR) unless specified.

Collection courts métrages | 90 min
Le Petit Nicolas | 87 min
Les vacances du Petit Nicolas | 120 min
Joyeux Noël | PG-13 | 116 min
Cartouches Gauloises | 90 min
Les Choristes | 97 min
La gloire de mon père | PG | 105 min
Le château de ma mère | PG | 98 min
Les émotifs anonymes | 80 min
Le huitième jour | 118 min
Panique au village | 75 min
Serko | 100 min
Le papillon | 80 min
La haine | R | 96 min
Au revoir les enfants | 104 min
Le Petit Prince | PG | 102 min
Le fils de l’épicier | 96 min
La grande illusion | 114 min
La chambre des officiers | PG-13 | 135 min

Atelier Cuisine

Take advantage of the professional-grade teaching kitchen at the Alliance Française! Our hands-on Atelier Cuisine gives you the opportunity to feel like a true French chef. As such, we encourage participants to dress appropriately in case of any spills!

Choose your Menu

Starter: Salade verte et vinaigrette


Le Simple: Atelier Cinéma
10–30 students: $15/student
31–50 students: $13/student
Le Simple: Atelier Cuisine
10–15 students: $28/student
15–30 students: $25/student (larger class size is only available in Le Double, in which students are split into two groups)
Le Double: Ateliers Cinéma + Cuisine
10–15 students: $35/student
16–30 students: $30/student (Two groups of 15 students max. One group is in the kitchen while the other is in the auditorium, and then switch)