School policy

Make-up classes

Make-ups are to be done during the same session. Students are welcome and encouraged to attend a make-up when they miss a class. Students may attend 1 make-up per class missed. Before attending a make-up, students must inform the front desk to obtain a pass.

Class cancellations

We reserve the right to cancel a class if the enrollment is insufficient. For general courses, a minimum of 5 students is required, for specialized courses, a minimum of 7 students is required. In case of cancellation, students are entitled to a full tuition refund or full credit for a future class (valid for 1 year). Students are also welcome to switch to a different class that is running during the same session.

Instructors and class times

We reserve the right to change instructors or the time of the class from what is listed in the brochure.

Drop-in classes

Students can register for drop-in classes at any time during a session at the following rates: $55 per 2-hr class; $41.25 per 1.5-hr class; $27.50 per 1-hr class.

Class transfers

Students may transfer classes before the second lessonof the session. All class transfers are free unless there is a tuition difference, which the student must pay at the time of transfer. No changes will be accepted after the second class.Class transfer requests must be communicated to the front desk.

Refunds and credits

The Alliance Française is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to offering affordable courses. In view of our non-profit status and our commitment to our students and staff, the following rules apply regarding refunds and credits.

If the request is made in  writing:

Before the first class

Class tuition will be refunded minus a 20% cancellation fee ($50 max) or credited in full for the following session only.

After the First Class

Class tuition will be refunded minus a 20% cancellation fee ($50 max) or credited in full for the following session only.

Before the second class

Tuition will be credited for the following sessions only minus a 20% administrative fee ($50 max).

After the second class

No credit will be awarded.

No refunds or credit will be given for unattended classes. There will be no reimbursement for absences, books, late fees, materials fees, membership fees or private lesson tuition. All refund and credit requests are to be made in writing to  [email protected]

Private lessons

No-shows as well as cancellations made less than 24 hours ahead of time will result in a nonnegotiable $25 fee. In case of non-payment, a full hour will be deducted from the student’s package. Private lesson tuition is non-refundable.


Only one discount at a time is applicable during the same session.


Once purchased, books and CDs cannot be returned.


Students, members and attendees at events/cultural programs should be aware that their picture might be taken and used for marketing purposes.

No Exceptions

By registering for a class, students accept the above policies

Merci de votre compréhension !

Note that all classes and programs are open to everyone without discrimination on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality or religion.