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Our Commitment to Quality

In 2006, we implemented the AF FRAMES project, which stands for Alliance Française FRench-AMerican Educational Standards. It is adapted from the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF), a practical tool setting clear standards to be obtained at successive stages of learning languages. The CEF has been implemented in many European countries and at a number of American universities. AF FRAMES seeks to adapt its philosophy and components to the American context and specificities. What does it mean for your Alliance Française? In participating in the AF FRAMES project, the Alliance Française de Chicago clearly states its commitment to pedagogical excellence.

What does AF FRAMES mean to you as a student of the Alliance Française?

Overall, you get the guarantee that you have enrolled in an institution which dedicates a great deal of its resources and time to upgrading and ensuring the quality of its teaching.

French language classes at the Alliance Française de Chicago

Students know in advance the programming of each class, as all teachers' activities are indicated in the student textbook. The book, the workbook and its companion CD are available for purchase in our office.

In addition, at the end of each session, students receive a final evaluation to rate their communicative skills: oral and written expression, comprehension, and use of lexical and stylistic structures. Then students receive a personal and accurate evaluation from their instructor. In this way, each student knows the progress he/she has made and exactly which course to take next. The length of each class is 2 hours for the once-a-week and twice-a-week courses.

We offer a friendly and stimulating environment to help you gain confidence in using French. We place an emphasis on communication, both oral and written, which is achieved through active student participation.

All language classes are conducted in French and are designed to develop comprehension, pronunciation, intonation, vocabulary, grammar, written expression and conversational ability.
After completing one CEF level (A1, A2, B1, B2), we strongly recommend that you take a brush-up class in order to consolidate your grammatical knowledge through oral expression.

At the Alliance Française de Chicago, you not only learn French, you learn how to do things in French through practical use of the language.

At the Alliance Française de Chicago, you not only learn French, you learn how to do things in French through practical use of the language.

Learning with Alter Ego

Alter Ego is a five-level course (A1 to C1/early C2) built on solid teaching experience, teacher training and the application of the principles of the CEFR: learn, teach and assess.

Alter Ego 1 A1>A2
Alter Ego 2 A2>B1
Alter Ego 3 B1>B2
Alter Ego 4 B2>C1
Alter Ego 5 C1>C2

Our special student's package contains:

Student's book with audio cd included

• A wide variety of unit openers, a clear layout and a number of visual cues
• An action-oriented approach with tasks to boost learner autonomy
• All of the CEFR skills are covered in each lesson
• Spiral progression and conceptualization of language components
• Formative evaluation
• The student audio CD takes up the lesson openers


• To apply learning strategies and reinforce language points examined in the student's book, with a portfolio to boost autonomy.

DELF evaluation booklet

An evaluation booklet for the first two levels helps prepare for the DELF A1 and A2 exams and review progress throughout the course, in class or through self-evaluation
Find out more about the DELF or DALF

Placement tests

If this is your first class at the Alliance Française, you should request a FREE placement test by an instructor during registration week. In addition, a teacher will assess your level during the first class of the session to ensure that you are in the proper level.