CPS Partnership Program

Field Trips: Discovery Days at the Alliance Française

Teachers or group organizers can take their students to France without leaving the country with a Field Trip at the Alliance Française. Our goal is to help students broaden and increase their love for the French language. "Parler français" is not only a pass to visit Paris, but a door that opens on 10,000 different worlds.

Teachers may choose from the two following field trip formulas:

Activities can be conducted in French or English based on the proficiency of the group. The program can also be adapted depending on your group needs.

Hands-on cooking classes:

Guided by Alliance Française culinary instructors, we will work in small groups to prepare one of our simple and delicious menus. Recipes and directions are provided in French and in English and the workshop can be led in either language according to the visitors' language skills.

Starter: Salade verte à la vinaigrette &

Feel free to contact us for our seasonal menus.

Cultural Workshops (in French or English):

Students participate in a language and/or cultural activity, facilitated by an Alliance Française instructor. Each activity covers specific topic that range from comics to "Le Monde en français". The workshop generally concludes with a creative activity or short presentation based on the information you have explored. Students can play games, solve puzzles, make music and even sing songs, depending on your preference.

Special educational movie screenings:

What has become one of our trademarks will be back for another round. Our collection of short films will be screened again, to everyone's delight. You will be able to enjoy some of the best short films. These movies are packed with humor, surprises and intelligence, and they represent French speaking cultures at their best.

We also have the pleasure of adding great new movies for this activity. We possess a wonderful collection of films that ranges from silly comedies with the biggest stars to moving documentaries or historic depictions. We want to give the students a new movie experience they haven't enjoyed before. From Algeria to the French Alps, "les gens du Nord" and those from Québec or Paris, you are sure to find the right film for your students. We will use these to start discussions on subjects like social clashes in Paris, the importance of art, cultural differences and the legacies of decolonization.

For more details, contact pschaller@af-chicago.org or call (312) 337-1070.

We are a CPS certified vendor.