Join the Volunteer Program

The benefits of volunteering at the Alliance Française:

Volunteering at the Alliance Française is a great way to meet and interact with other Francophone and Francophile community members. Over the past year, volunteers provided over 1,000 hours of support to the Alliance.

Beginning August 1, 2010, membership will become a requirement for being a volunteer at the Alliance Française. You will find that this policy is in line with other non-profits in the city, including The Art Institute of Chicago, The Field Museum and The Chicago History Museum. Your membership will be valid for one year.

For those of you who are not currently members, you can either download a printable pdf form which you can fill-in and either fax or mail, or register online. While we recognize that there is a financial obligation associated with membership, we also recognize that by allowing only members to serve as volunteers, we are in a better position to reward you for that service. Merci.

Apply now

Current and new members interested in volunteering, apply now:
Download the pdf form and send back to Martha Bills at
or fax it back at: (312) 337-3019

Volunteer opportunities for points

Points are the method that you will use to earn complimentary classes. All volunteer shifts are counted by the hour (1 hour = 1 point).
There are currently over 100 volunteers supporting the mission of the Alliance Française. Your interest in the program is sincerely appreciated. With this number of volunteers, points toward free classes generally take a year or more to accumulate.

Number of points needed to take a complimentary class:

To register for your class, please complete a registration form at the front desk of the Alliance Française.

Please note that for budget and revenue reasons, there must be a minimum number of 5 paying students registered in a class before volunteers using points may take the class.

Please address any questions to Martha Bills at . Merci!

How do I keep track of my points?

It's easy! Simply obtain a volunteer sign-in sheet from the front reception. Completed sheets are filed in the Volunteer Sign-In Book.

Remarks from our volunteers :

Robert Miller: Volunteering at the Alliance is a fun way to meet people and practice your French, not to mention the free wine and food!

Pat Bingue: Ce qui m'a beaucoup plu durant mon expérience de bénévole est la rencontre des francophones et des gens qui ont une affinité pour la culture francophone vivant à Chicago. Cela a été une expérience très enrichissante.

Sarah Anzia: I always look forward to my evenings at the Alliance Française because I enjoy being surrounded by lovers of French language and culture like myself. The cooking demonstrations, lectures, and special events attract people of all ages and backgrounds, a formula for fascinating interaction. The quality of the events, moreover, is superb. The food, wine, culture, and conversation make my evenings at the Alliance Française fun and fulfilling.